Design Services


So, you've finally decided to start your update or what? The different phases can be confusing. During the design process, homeowners often need assistance - from design ideas for small projects to kitchen or bath remodel layout.

Working only with a Contractor

Some Contractors provide design help or drawings as part of the remodel and readily give their ideas and suggestions. They may bring the product samples to your home and help coordinate all of the materials so you can view them in one location. However, this is not the norm. Most contractors will give you a price with allowances and expect you to find the materials which could add cost to your allowable budget.

Many Contractors only want to work with what they know best and prefer to stay within their comfortzone. Some may not want to install the chrome or glass mosaic tiles that brighten up a shower or backsplash as it takes too much time and effort. Contractors may not know about the newest products and installation processes. It takes additional time (thus money) for the average Contractor to work through all the particulars outside of their comfort zone.


When You Need a Designer

Typically, a remodel consists of several different design phases. Depending on the scope of the project, or if you are uncertain about the direction of your wants and needs, you may need to bring on a Designer. A Designer will eliminate the stress and ease you into the decision process when selecting countertops, lighting, fixtures, flooring, and much more. The Designer should ask you questions you have not considered. You want someone who understands you and relates well with you.

How to Work with Design/Renovation Contractor


A Design/Renovation Contractor keeps all the elements of your needs under one house. There are many benefits to working with a Design/Renovation Contractor as they work directly with you and coordinate all the elements - from designing the layout, presenting cabinet and door styles, discussing options, such as colors and materials and working within your desired budget. With the help of a Design/Renovation Contractor, there is one person accountable for the project, the design, and your budget. When you do not have a plan set for structural changes, cabinet design, countertop materials, flooring and backsplash, or plumbing fixtures, help is needed.