With so many design options in the world of home decorating today, why use WALLPAPER?

The opportunity to add depth, complex textures, intricate patterns, and varied colors is easily achieved when you choose to use WALLPAPER. Modern technology has integrated sophisticated printing techniques into today's WALLPAPER, providing everyone with the chance to incorporate stunning art into their homes. The colors and patterns of WALLPAPER can subliminally affect your emotional well-being and attitude, adding a boost of energy, serenity, or cheer to your daily living.


Much attention has been turned to our childrens' rooms within the world of interior design. Pattern is very important in decorating for children because of the repetition within a design. This repetition, or rhythm, of a pattern promotes problem solving and gives the child a sense of stability. Designs such as large alphabet blocks, vivid animals, full-size trees, jungles, beaches, and even a construction site are all depicted along with so much more to ignite a child's imagination and understanding of the world in which we live. Yet another reason to use WALLPAPER in a child’s room is the inherent durability and ease of cleaning – always welcome where kids are concerned!

Add to your individuality by choosing a WALLPAPER pattern that is particularly suited to you, and watch your home transform into a one-of-a-kind backdrop that is a reflection of your life!

As a DESIGNER, I am here to assist you in your WALLPAPER selection! I am also available to plan and manage installation of paper if needed using my paper hanger!!